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au: Regina dies trying to save everyone. Emma realizes Regina was the one who brought joy into her life. Exactly one year after she died Grumpy reports a fire and when Emma goes in there’s a big surprise waiting for her. Regina, without her memories. She does everything she can to remind her who she is then suddenly one day when Emma is about to give up Regina says the two magical words…


stop what you’re doing:

swan queen first high five where they do some awesome parenting thing and Emma is just like “hell yeah Regina Henry just learned like a life lesson up top” and Regina just stares at the hand and the goes like “yes up top I suppose” and raises her hand too but Emma is the one who has to slap it and repeat “hell yeah” and grin like an idiot as Regina just like smiles and looks at Emma’s celebratory dance

you may resume your scrolling





Can we talk for a second about how Regina starts limping and complaining when debris fall on her ankle but then gets thrown into a car and clock tower and just kind gets up and walks away like ‘no guys it’s cool, it doesn’t hurt.’

Ah yes, Character Development

She just wanted Emma to save her, and be close to her…let’s be real.

The main difference between these scenes is that she would rather die fighting then show Zelena a second of weakness.  She allowed Emma to see her weakness even when they were enemies.  She trusted Emma enough to allow herself to reveal her vulnerability and pain.  There is a very short list of people Regina will show her vulnerable side to, and most of those people are dead.


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